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Parents: 7 Things You Can Do for a Child With Autism

By Sanjay Shah A recent report by Autism Speaks, an American autism awareness organisation, revealed that as many as one in 45 U.S. children are affected by autism. That’s millions of children. In the UAE, my adopted home country, one

Autism Rocks Arena Is Living Up to Its Name

By Sanjay Shah I founded Autism Rocks to create a new funding stream for research into autism diagnosis and treatment, and to address a clear need for affordable support and treatment in Dubai, my adopted hometown. I had no idea

10 Things I Learned About Life from My Career in Finance

By Sanjay Shah Most people know me as the founder of Autism Rocks. Maybe, on a good day, I’ll jog someone’s memory as one of the executive producers of Under the Shadow, an Iranian-British film that won the 2016 BAFTA

Why We Should Give Donald Trump A Chance

Were you surprised when Donald Trump won the US presidential race over Hillary Clinton? I was. Still, I am not sure I fully understood the world’s reaction. Much of it seemed to be shocked that Americans could have voted the

Relationships Are Key To Success In Dubai

On the face of it, London and Dubai are not that different from each other. Both are large cities with diverse populations and bustling centres of commerce and trade. Given the warmer weather, it’s understandable that an Englishman might enjoy

The Finance Game: It’s all about numbers and people

People are amazed at the kind of money some financiers, like the Oracle of Omaha – Warren Buffet, make in finance, and endlessly curious how. In financial businesses, success and failure are quite like running a roller coaster. It takes tenacity

Shed the Doubts: Brexit is Good for Britain

All that British leaders have done since the nation decisively backed Brexit is panic. Pure and simple. Not just the ones who opposed it in the first place and never expected it to pass. Even those who backed it all

‘Autism Rocks’ as Therapy

I think of Autism Rocks as my response to a life challenge parents like me face. To be honest, I didn’t get around to establishing the charity either quickly or easily. It is tough when one of your own is

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities – The Sanjay Shah Story

I was born into a modest Indian family in 1970 in London. My parents took care to provide me with a good education and stable upbringing, which was a great start in life. However, my father knocked it into my

Maintaining Work – Life Balance With Family

You’d think a self made millionaire would always have the freedom to spend as much time as he desired with his wife and kids.  But nobody can get to this level of income without putting in the time and sweat